Design freedom is available with a host of opportunities - begin with the world's largest selection of pultuded fiberglass window types, add the fact that all windows are available in a full range of custom sizes in a choice of 5 standard colours or custom colours and combine them (factory mulled in many cases) to provide the ultimate in architectural freedom. the unique strengths, stability and efficiency of our "diamond tough" pultruded frames provides the luxury possible only with the ultimate window frame material - pultruded fiberglass




Rain White   Commercial    Brownstone   Almond    Slate

Natural Oak

Real stainable select oak offers the beauty of wood for your interior decor while still providing the durable elegance of fiberglass to your exterior.



Georgian 8 x 18               Flat 1/4 x 5/8"                  Pencil Ø 5/16            Square Pencil 1/4 x 5/16

(contact us for custom colours)

White     Commercial   Brownstone   Almond      Slate      Pewter      Oak      Brass


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