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Inline Fiberglass is the world leader in the development, design and application of High Performance Energy Efficient Windows. Inline is the world’s largest all fiberglass window manufacturer with the largest line of products. Inline offers unparalleled value with high quality construction for both the residential and commercial market. The story of Inline is more than a business success story. It is a shining example of a business that operates by integrity, values and forward thinking that remain at the core of the company's very existence.

Inline’s leading product, thin walled fiberglass lineals are used in a myriad of applications. As a fully integrated manufacturing operation, Inline designs and pultrudes in-house standard and custom lineals.

With its headquarters and main production facilities located in Toronto, Canada, Inline profiles, windows, doors and production equipment are sold around the world. Inline Fiberglass conducts rigorous testing at its own state-of-the-art facility to ensure the highest quality, performance, energy efficiency and compliance to various standards and specifications.

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Inline Fiberglass is proud to partner with industry-leading organizations to promote energy efficiency and sustainable design.


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